Political Party Ad Tracker — November 30, 2018

The NDP continue to run the most diverse Facebook ad campaign this week, running ads on a wide variety of issues.

However, the Liberals seem to have the most focused ads this week, as they roll out a new fundraising campaign, and remind constituents to vote in the upcoming by-election.

The Conservative Party has made some subtle changes to their old ad copy, simplifying some of their messaging.

And the People's Party of Canada has started running paid ads this week - they are encouraging potential supporters to learn more about their platform.

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Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberals have rolled out several new fundraising ads, as well as some fresh by-election ads ahead of Monday's vote.

All of the new Liberal fundraising ads feature the same image (above), with slightly different ad copy. 

They appear to be re-targeting past donors - this can be an effective strategy, and they have done a good job of keeping these ads simple, with a clear call to action.

Another example of the new fundraising ads from the Liberal party. 

Word choice is key when attempting to secure donations, and research has shown the phrase "chip in" to be more effective than terms like "donate".

One of the new by-election ads the Liberals are running ahead of Monday's vote.

They are reminding their supporters to vote, and offering help to find polling stations.

The Liberals have run the most effective digital campaign of this by-election, and it will be interesting to see if it pays off.

You can view all of the active Liberal Party of Canada ads here.

New Democratic Party of Canada

The NDP continue to run a very diverse Facebook ads campaign, addressing several different issues.

One new issue they are tackling this week is the cost of internet and cell phone services in Canada.

The NDP continue to propose plans to make life more affordable for Canadians.

They brand themselves as the party of the working class, and they target young Canadians, seniors, and working class Canadians with their ads more frequently than the other major parties. 

The NDP also use puns in their headlines far more frequently than any other party.

We aren't sure if there has been any research on the effectiveness of puns in political advertising, but we appreciate it none the less.

The NDP continue to run this fundraising ad in English and French. 

Prior to the new Liberal fundraising ads this week, they were the only party directly fundraising through Facebook ads.

All of the parties continue to do most of their digital fundraising through email campaigns. 

If you want to stay up to date with the latest political email campaigns, check out our weekly email tracker!

You can view all of the active NDP ads here.

Conservative Party of Canada

No drastic changes from the Conservatives this week, but they have made a few subtle changes to the ad copy on a few of their ads.

The Conservatives are now running a very simple version of their ISIS reintegration ad. 

They now simply ask "What do you think?"

"Are you ready to pay more for everything?"

As we have seen in the past several weeks, there isn't a clear call to action to sign a petition or add your name to a list.

This ad from the Conservatives features a much more clear call to action - sign the petition.

You can view all of the active Conservative Party of Canada ads here.

People's Party of Canada

The People's Party of Canada has joined the fray with their own paid Facebook ads this week.

They are currently only running 2 ads.

As with their email campaigns, the PPC's advertising strength is in their simple, clear messaging.

This ad invites the audience to learn more about the party and its platform.

Another simple ad from the PPC - "Restoring real Canadian conservative values."

Both of the current PPC ads are focused on cold traffic and building brand awareness.

This is arguably the most important part of a new ad campaign. It will be interesting to see if they roll out ads targeting warm and hot traffic in the near future to convert leads into more sign ups and donations. 

You can view all of the active People's Party of Canada ads here.

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