Political Party Ad Tracker — November 23, 2018

Another big week for the NDP as they continue to release more issue-based signup ads. This week the new ads focus on the environment, affordable dental care, and opposing the USMCA until steel tariffs are lifted.

The Conservatives have also released new ads this week, promoting their plan for common sense gun laws and opposing a potential blanket ban on handguns.

Meanwhile the Liberals continue to run simple sign up ads as well as ads targeting the upcoming by-election in Leeds-Grenville–Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes.

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New Democratic Party of Canada

The NDP have been the most active party on Facebook the past two weeks, as they are launching signup ads on a wide variety of issues.

One issue the NDP are focusing on right now is plastic pollution.

The image used in this ad is sure to grab the viewers attention, and their messaging is simple and effective.

Another NDP ad focused on plastic pollution.

With the caption "Beach, Please!" they appear to be targeting a younger audience, which is typical for the NDP.

Climate change is another issue the NDP are trying to take the lead on.

They believe the Liberal government isn't doing enough, and more drastic action is needed.

"Don't Let Trump Trump Us on Trade"

Another effective issue based ad from the NDP, calling on Trudeau to not sign the USMCA until tariffs on steel and aluminum are lifted.

The NDP are also pushing for accessible and affordable dental care.

"Healthcare shouldn't stop at your teeth."

You can view all of the active NDP ads here.

Conservative Party of Canada

A few fresh ads from the Conservative Party this week, promoting their plan for common sense gun laws, and attacking Trudeau for making criminals out of law abiding gun owners.

The Conservatives are running two versions of this ad, with different ad copy. The call to action in the second ad (below) is more clear, and as a result it will likely perform better.

Prior to this week, the Conservatives had been running the same issue based firearms ads for months, so it is good to see a refresh. 

The Conservatives are also calling out Justin Trudeau for being soft on crime.

Again, this ad lacks a clear call to action, something we have seen more and more of from the Conservative ads lately.

You can view all of the active Conservative Party of Canada ads here.

Liberal Party of Canada

Nothing new from the Liberals this week.

They continue to run simple sign up ads and by-election ads.

A good example of an effective simple sign up ad - simple messaging, and a clear call to action that is repeated multiple times.

The Liberals seem to have a slight edge over the Conservatives with their by-election ad strategy.

They have been doing a better job of localizing the ads to their target audience, and using a mix of images featuring the local candidate Mary Jean McFall as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Say you're voting Liberal to support Canadian agriculture and farmers."

The Liberals are trying to improve their popularity among rural voters who historically have favoured the Conservative Party.

You can view all of the active Liberal Party of Canada ads here.

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