Political Party Ad Tracker — December 7, 2018

The Conservative Party of Canada is asking Canadians to "Join the Chorus" with their new Facebook fundraising campaign.

Meanwhile the Liberals are running a holiday fundraising campaign of their own, and have also launched new ads to promote their plan for carbon dividends.

The People's Party of Canada has one new ad this week, criticizing the Liberal government's "corporate welfare" in light of recent news that GM will be closing their plant in Durham region.

And no new ads from the NDP this week, but they continue to run a diverse ads campaign addressing a wide variety of issues.

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Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservatives launched their "Join the Chorus" holiday fundraising campaign this week.

A clean and simple fundraising ad from the Conservatives, in the holiday spirit.

The Conservatives have also launched petition ads calling out the Conservatives for providing a media bailout in an election year.

They are clean and simple, but the call to action is not blatantly obvious. There is a "SIGN" button but it does not tell you explicitly what they would like you to sign.

Another petition ad from the Conservative Party, this time opposing the UN Global Compact for Migration. 

They are also running these ads in French.

The Conservatives have also launched some video ads this week. These same videos were featured in recent email campaigns as well.

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You can view all of the active Conservative Party of Canada ads here.

Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberals are offering some more of their pre-election swag (if you donate $99 or more) with their holiday fundraising campaign.

The Liberals continue to use the phrasing "Chip In" for their fundraising ads, which tends to be less of a turn off than "donate."


The Liberals are also pushing the tax credit as an incentive to motivate Canadians to donate.

It is always good to remind potential donors that they could get 75% of their donation back.

The Liberal Party has also unveiled new ads promoting their plan for carbon dividends, pitching it as a way to reduce emissions while putting money back in the pocket of Canadians.

Pricing Carbon Pollution=More Money in Your Pocket. 

A simple ad, inviting viewers to learn more about their proposed policy.

You can view all of the active Liberal Party of Canada ads here.

People's Party of Canada

Only one ad running this week from the PPC.

Appealing to more right wing conservatives, the PPC are proud to be the only party committed to abolishing corporate welfare.

This issue may resonate with conservatives upset with the recent announcement that GM is shutting down their Durham region plant despite government bailouts.

You can view all of the active People's Party of Canada ads here.

New Democratic Party of Canada

The New Democrats don't have any new ads this week, but they continue to run a variety of issue-based sign up ads.

One issue the NDP are trying to lead the charge on is climate change.

They are running a few different versions of this ad with different images/ad copy.

"Canada shouldn't be arming human rights violators."

It is hard to argue with this simple message from the NDP.

Universal pharmacare is another issue that is important to the New Democrats. 

They may be using Facebook's demographic targeting tools to target seniors with these ads.

You can view all of the active NDP ads here.

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